Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1st Mac 2009

Salam…looks like dis is de first time im writing a virtual diary. Virtual?? Is dat the correct word?? Hm…apape jelah…as long as everyone includes me happy!!! Yay!!

“Nape tetiba nak tulis diary nih??” ask Aleen to herself.
“Yelah tempat meluahkan perasaan katakan..” replied Aleen to herself back.

Well the reason why I started writing dis because it has been ages since I vowed to myself that I WILL WRITE A BLOG ONCE I’M AT AUSSIE. But….here I am, nearly a MONTH in Perth but yet there’s not even a word for my blog!!! Huhuhu….
I guess that today will be a perfect day to start because it is de first day of de month and a lot of interesting things evolved around me today..

However before you start reading better read dis first….


So, if you think you can’t cope with that…see the red button on your right screen up there? Please press that anytime that you like…yikes!!! Hehehe….

Well sudahla explain sikit2…sekarang time for tulis2…today is Sunday, 1st March 2009. I woke up as early as 6.15 a.m and terus tak tido dah pastu..Why??? hahaha….Its nothing oddlah…betul tak??

But today is Sunday!! That’s the difference! Becoz slalunya orang akan amik time ni untuk tido sampai ke petang…kan2?? Hahaha… Well Sunday kat Perth adalah time for Swap Mart a.k.a. Garage sale…the place for a student like me to be!!! Hehehe..

A brief explanation for those yang nak tahu…Garage Sale di Belmont, Perth is the best place to find any secondhand goodies that are still in good condition but with extremely low prices!!! Gosh memang seronok sangat kalau shopping kat sini…Well nak berjimat katakan…2nd hand pun OK what??

My aim for today was to find a nice carpet for my room and also a mirror coz my life is totally difficult without one. Huhuhu…and my housemates aim is to find bar chairs becoz our kitchen takde dining table (kesian tak) tapi ada bar ajer…so kena ada chair yang lebih tinggi dari biasa, selesa sikit duduk kat situ.

The search is on!! Bar chairs was the 2nd thing I noticed once I went there today. The 1st thing? Today tak banyak pun orang buat sale…huhu…Car park yang sebesar2 tu, cuma ½ je kot ada orang, yang lain sumer kosong…huhu…why?? Bcoz tomorrow is a public hols for them (they call this weekend a ‘long weekend’, tapi student tak cuti…huhu), so maybe they rather stay at home than went out and sell things…haha…ntahla..

Maka kami pun berjalan2 lah di situ mencari benda yang tak pasti…then…I saw this man that I already met before… De Carpet Guy!!! Happy gila jumpa dia…dia bagilah salam…x pelik sangatlah coz first time jumpa pun dia bagi salam…mmg obviousla saya ni muslimah…hehe…and then I bought the carpet with only $10!!! Memang murah jugak ar bcoz carpet ni brand new…my frens penah beli yang kecik berkali ganda dari ni pun $8, tapi mine yg besar gedabak ni $10 je…memang sronok sangat!! Alhamdulillah…

Perjalanan di teruskan…misi tak accomplished lagi mana boleh balik!! N my patience had guided me to this man with dis enormous huge big and beautiful mirrors of him. Wah!! Cantiknya!! Ada yang besar satu and kecik satu. Yang kecik tu memula mintak $5 tapi dia kata $6lah…and in my heart I said even if you said its $12 I’ll take it for sure..haha…then beleklah yang besar sikit tu…dis one pun not bad actually…sedang daku bermonolog dengan diri sendiri tetiba ada orang berkata..

“Its very nice, the mirror, its from Purdue (or sumting else that sounded like dat..kya!!!)” he said. I looked at him and smile and I was sure my face and eyes were glimmering like diamonds. I totally like these mirrors!!!
“Kamu dari Indonesia?” that voice said again. I looked up with amazement. Did he just speak Malay? Or Indon?
“ Malaysia,” I answered. I don’t know what else to say!!
“ Kamu belajar atau bekerja di sini?” he asked again.
“ Belajar dengan kawan2,” and I answered.
“ Belajar apa?”
“Oh bagus sekali,” and by that time I noticed, sepatah dia tanya sepatah jugaklah aku jawab…hahaha

Then I ask the owner of the big mirror, whether I can get the mirror for $8, and he said no..and that’s it..Hmm…well…its okay I guess…but he did make an offer. If I took both of the mirrors, it will only be $15. hmm…not bad…but if I have one, what will I do with another one?? I asked Didi and Anas whether they like it or not and both said no…sigh…what to do…and then I heard that both of the guys ( the owner and the one that can speak indon) talked in Arabic, and I sort of faham sikit2 what they were talking about but I just let it slipped my mind…maybe they were just talking…

And when I was about to leave, the owner made an outstanding offer…both mirror for $13!!! What?? I already paid for the $10 one at that time and I dunno what to do…but at last I just walked away from the offer but I still throw him a smile…a sign that I refused nicely…tringat kata2 kalau buat baik kat orang, orang buat baik kat kita, and also senyum itu sedekah.
And that was when everything makes sense, you guys nak tau apa yang lelaki2 tadi cakap in Arabic?? Translation ni main hentam je…betul salah…wallahualam…

“Juallah cermin ni murah sikit, mereka ni muslim, kita kenalah saling menolong sesama muslim,” kata lelaki yang boleh cakap indon tadi kepada si owner. And amazingly lepas mamat ni cakap camtu terus dia offer $15, then offer tu tak berenti kat situ tapi still lagi offer sampai $13. Masya Allah…

Alangkah bagusnya kalau aku pun boleh jadi camtu…saling membantu orang Islam yang lain…itu kan tuntutan! Ya Allah…tiba2 je aku terkedu dan terharu di situ…rasa nak nangis pun ada…Alhamdulillah ana muslimah…

Even my frends yang beli cupboard dari sorang mamat arab ni pun dapat less sampai $25 dari $35!! Isn’t that great?? Ayat yang paling best aku dengar ialah…

“I give you $25 eventhough before this it is $35. Nevermind, I’ll help you because you’re a muslim,”

Wah….seronoknya hari ni ya Allah!!! Masih ramai lagi mereka yang berpegang dengan agamaMu meskipun kami dihentam pelbagai cabaran di akhir zaman ini….Masya Allah…Alhamdulillah……

Baiklah…saya ingin tido…esok kelas pukul 10 tapi kena kuar kul 8…why?? Because umah saya sgt jauh dari uni…huhu…baiklah…
See ya again…Salam….

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