Sunday, August 23, 2015


I have a love
So big it transcends distance
So deep it penetrates the heart
Alas, it hurts
As the heart flooded in tears
As you are too far
Love, I don’t have you

I have to let you go
You are killing me!
You are hurting me...
By your ignorance
By your love of life
By your cowardice stance!
Why should I hold on?

If only you knew
How I miss you near or far
How I love you all my heart

Your love is taking me nowhere
Your love is a conundrum
An unfinished letter
Unspoken words
Foolish gestures

You didn’t know
I am not as important
As dear
As significant
To you

To love
Is to let go
If we are meant to be
You'll be my future
If not
You'll be my past


p/s: entah kenapa datang ilham tulis poem malam2 camnih. but seriously, this came from the heart. hope it gets to the heart too.

FastaBiQuL Khayrat

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